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In the market for new kitchen knives? Then you are probably scouring the internet for information on the different brands out there and wondering which one is the best!

We would like to help! In this article, we will focus on two well-known knife brands, Wusthof and Dalstrong, giving you the ins and outs. By the time you’ve scrolled to the bottom, you will be armed with all the knowledge you need to choose the knife best-suited for you! Ready?

Dalstrong: A Newcomer with Sleek Designs

Breaking into the kitchen knife scene in 2012, Dalstrong made a splash right out of the gate. With their innovative designs, this company has been on the cutting edge (pun intended!) of cutlery.

By utilizing modern tools and technology, Dalstrong is able to create professional-level kitchen knives at prices that are affordable for the home cook. People seem to love their unique designs which fuse Western and Asian styles.

Another factor that makes Dalstrong a crowd favorite is the money back guarantee. By standing fully behind their product, this newcomer is pushing its way to the forefront of the industry.

Wusthof: A Top-Selling Tradition

One of the world’s top-selling brands, Wusthof has been putting out high-quality kitchen knives for over 200 years. This family-owned business is headquartered in Solingen, Germany — also known as the “city of blades”!

While the company may have been around for a couple of centuries, it doesn’t mean it is living in the past. Wusthof manufacturing facilities use modern manufacturing techniques to produce high-end blades made from German steels.

Like Dalstrong, Wusthof also stands firmly behind the product it creates. All of the knife collections come with a lifetime warranty which means you can buy with confidence.

Dalstrong vs Wusthof Comparison

Just looking at their brand stories, there are clear differences between these two companies. In this section, we will explore these differences as well as the similarities between these two kitchen knife brands.

The Similarities

First, we will focus on the things that the two brands have in common. One similarity between Dalstrong and Wusthof is German steel. Wusthof makes all of its knives from a German stainless steel, and you can also find this material used in some of Dalstrong’s collections.

Handle materials used by both companies also have crossover. You will find handles made of wood or synthetic material on both brands’ knives. You will also find that both companies have knives with triple-riveted handles that are bolstered and have a full tang.

Another thing the two brands have in common is their lifetime guarantee! Both brands stand firmly behind their products which bolsters consumer confidence in both the tried-and-true Wusthof and the innovative newcomer Dalstrong.

The Differences

Now that you are familiar with the ways the two brands are the same, let’s look at what sets them apart.

As we mentioned before, Dalstrong was started in 2012, but Wusthof has been around since 1814. The two brands are also headquartered on different sides of the world: Wusthof in Germany and Dalstrong in YangJing, China.

In the similarities, we mentioned that both companies rely on German stainless steel to create their blades, but Dalstrong also has collections made with Japanese steel. In addition, Dalstrong also offers collections with stainless steel handles.

Another place the two differ is in the weight of their 8-inch chef’s knives. Wusthof clocks in at 8 ounces, and Dalstrong is a little heavier at 9.6 ounces. The edge angle total is another spot where there is variation. For Wusthof, all of the collections have a 14-degree angle per side, but for Dalstrong it varies anywhere from 8 to 18 degrees per collection.

Blade hardness is another spot where the two brands deviate. Wusthof’s blades are all a 58, whereas Dalstrong’s range from 55-62. Price is another factor where there is a key difference with Wusthof blades generally being a bit pricier than Dalstrongs.

Wusthof also has more collections than Dalstrong (at the time this article was written). There are 8 collections for the German company and only six for the Chinese.

Wusthof’s Collections

Dalstrong’s Collections

Are Wusthof Or Dalstrong Knives Dishwasher Safe?

While both companies use durable materials to make their knives, the recommendation is that you stick to handwashing.

Dalstrong does say that their kitchen knives could technically go into the dishwasher, but they believe best practice is to hand wash and dry immediately after use. Wusthof advised against putting them in the dishwasher altogether, and the company gives several valid reasons why this should be the case.

According to the Wusthof site, sticking your knives in the dishwasher can lead to the knife blades rubbing against other items damaging the edge. Plus, since the knives are so sharp, you also run the risk of damaging the basket or shelves within the dishwasher itself.

They also warn that the blades can corrode due to stuck-on food particles or spices — especially if you do not run your dishwasher right away and the knives sit in their dirty. Another thing that could cause an issue on your blades is the type of rinse aid or dish detergent that is used, it may cause the steel to spot.

How Should I Store My Kitchen Knives?

Washing isn’t the only important aspect when it comes to owning a quality set of kitchen knives, you also need to store them properly. The most important thing when it comes to storing Dalstrong and Wusthof knives (or any kitchen knife for that matter) is protecting the blade.

You want to make sure that the blade of your knife does not come into contact with too many other surfaces as it can cause it to dull. Another key factor is keeping them dry, you never want to stick wet knives back into their storage space or you will be inviting rust and corrosion.

In general, there are four good ways to store your kitchen knives: in a knife block, in individual sheaths, on a magnetic strip, or in specialized drawer inserts. Most people are familiar with the classic wooden knife block sitting on the kitchen counter, and this is a great way to store knives.

If you don’t have the counter space, you can get a magnetic strip to hand inside a cabinet door or on a backsplash. However, this may not be the best option for households with small children.

Those that prefer to keep their knives in a drawer will need either individual knife sheaths for each of their blades or specialised drawer inserts that protect the knives from rubbing against other items in the drawer.

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