Gluten-Free Key Lime Pie Recipe

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The key lime pie is one of the most American of American desserts. It goes back over one hundred years and was probably developed by a condensed milk producer. Who would have thought?

The key ingredient here is key limes, and although not always available, buy a bunch of them in every opportunity because any day is perfect for making this creamy delight.

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What you’ll need

Key lime pies are actually uncomplicated, and they’re already gluten-free if you don’t consider the pie crust. The only thing we need to do is substitute regular all-purpose flour for almond flour (not almond meal), and you’ll be ready to go. By the way, no one can tell the difference. You’ll also need some butter, sugar, egg yolks (just the yolks!) and lots of condensed milk, an entire can.

Then comes the star of the show, the key limes. We’re making the most out of the tropical citrus by adding both key lime juice and zest to our mixture; it just tastes better.

I like garnishing my key lime pie with lots of sweetened whipping cream, which comes in a can, but feel free to make your own or serve your pie plain. All the flavor is in the filling, anyway.

Tips for the perfect gluten-free key lime pie

Make sure you blind bake the pie crust. That means baking it for a few minutes before adding the filling. That prevents the crust from getting too soggy afterward. 

It might feel like cheating, but if you don’t find key limes, make this recipe with regular limes, we’ll call that one a gluten-free lime pie. You must work with what you have, right?

How to Make It

  • Prep Time35 min
  • Cook Time25 min
  • Total Time1 hr
  • Serving Size8
  • Energy553 cal


For the crust:

For the pie filling:



Preheat the oven to 350°F.


For the crust, combine the almond flour, softened butter, and sugar to form a paste and press it with your fingers into the bottom of the pie mold. Blind bake for 10 minutes until slightly golden and set aside. 


For the filling, zest some key limes to get a tablespoon of zest, cut them in half and juice them. You should get around half a cup. 


In a mixing bowl, beat the yolks until fluffy and combine with the sweetened condensed milk, lime juice and zest until incorporated. Do not over-beat. Set aside. 


Pour the mixture over the blind-baked gluten-free pie crust and bake for around 10-15 minutes.


Cool overnight in the fridge and decorate with whipping cream before serving. 

  • Nutrition Facts

  • Serving Size8
  • Amount per serving
  • Calories553
  • % Daily Value*Standard DV
  • Total Fat33.7 g78 g43.21%
  • Saturated Fat13.1 g20 g65.5%
  • Cholesterol169 mg300 mg56.33%
  • Sodium131 mg2300 mg5.7%
  • Total Carbohydrate53.9 g275 g19.6%
  • Dietary Fiber5.4 g28 g19.29%
  • Total Sugars39.4 g
  • Protein13.9 g50 g27.8%
  • Calcium250 mg1300 mg19.23%
  • Iron1 mg18 mg5.56%
  • Potassium373 mg4700 mg7.94%

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