Gluten-Free Oatmeal Cookies Almond Flour Recipe

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Oatmeal cookies are made with oats, obviously, and they’re loaded with gluten. Once that’s out of the way, let me tell you we can bake oatmeal cookie look-alikes by using almond flour and coarser almond meal. Most other ingredients you already have at home: baking soda, salt, sugar, butter, eggs and vanilla extract.

You might also want to have xanthan gum in hand. If this is your first time baking gluten-free treats, let me tell you the all-natural thickener will bind your ingredients together, acting like gluten. Xanthan gum is your secret ingredient.

Did you know almonds are packed with protein and healthy mono-unsaturated fats? They’re good for your heart!

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Imagine having guests coming over and greeting them with the most pleasing home-made cookie scents coming out of your oven. Everyone knows they’re in for a treat, and even without knowing, they’ll compliment your oatmeal cookies. Aha! There’s no oatmeal in these — they’re totally gluten-free!

The cool thing about cookies is that once you have your dough, you can play with it and shape it any way you want. Large or small, round or shaped like a Christmas tree. You are the master of your destiny, so shape your cookies however you want and get creative.

Last but not least, I’d like to mention you can make your cookies vegan as well; you just have to substitute the unsalted butter for margarine or vegan butter and nothing else.

Let’s make ourselves a batch of faux oatmeal cookies and share them with the ones closest to us. That’s the thing about cookies; they bring people together! Don’t you agree?

How to Make It

  • Prep Time30 min
  • Cook Time15 min
  • Total Time45 min
  • Serving Size20
  • Energy162 cal




Preheat your oven to 350°F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.


In a large mixing bowl, combine the almond flour, xanthan gum, baking soda, salt, sugar and almond meal. Combine thoroughly.


Let the butter soften and add it to the flour mix. Mix well.


In a separate smaller bowl, beat the eggs and slowly add them to the flour-butter mixture.


Add the vanilla extract and combine to form a dough.


Using a spoon or an ice cream scoop, pour 20 equal-sized balls nicely separated on the baking sheet.


Bake for 10-15 minutes until golden and crispy on the edges.


Remove from the oven and cool the cookies on a rack before serving.

  • Nutrition Facts

  • Serving Size20
  • Amount per serving
  • Calories162
  • % Daily Value*Standard DV
  • Total Fat10.2 g78 g13.08%
  • Saturated Fat3.5 g20 g17.5%
  • Cholesterol29 mg300 mg9.67%
  • Sodium334 mg2300 mg14.52%
  • Total Carbohydrate19.5 g275 g7.09%
  • Dietary Fiber6.2 g28 g22.14%
  • Total Sugars12.2 g
  • Protein3.3 g50 g6.6%
  • Calcium21 mg1300 mg1.62%
  • Potassium35 mg4700 mg0.74%

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