Best Blenders For Smoothie Bowls

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Top Blenders For Smoothie Bowls

There is a smoothie-bowl craze taking over the Social Media world. And with good reason. This creamy breakfast is quick to prep, easy on the palate, and oh-so-yummy. 

All you need to do is be creative enough to find a good food combo, dump the produce into your blender, pulse into smooth perfection, and voila – breakfast is served. 

But to make sure that your frozen chunks and grains always provide a creamy mouthfeel, you need to nail the ultimate smoothie-bowl blender to your counter. Here are the best choices.

Product Ranking - 1

When someone says smoothie, the first thing that comes to our mind (beside bowl, duh!) is Ninja. And understandably, this Ninja Professional is our best choice when it comes to blenders. With 1000 watts of power, 6 blades, and the power to turn ice into snow in a matter of seconds, this blender will ensure a smooth breakfast, every single morning.

Thanks to the 72-ounce jar, and 64-ounce of liquid capacity, there will always be room for a refill with this Ninja.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 2

Slightly more powerful than the previous model, but without the automatic programs, our premium pick brings the same features. 72-ounce pitcher with 64-ounce of blending capacity, and total crushing power, this blender is perfect for your smoothie bowls.

This Countertop model also includes 2 16-ounce cups with lids for your breakfast on the go.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 3

It may not empty your pocket, but it will definitely fill your bowl with smooth yumminess. Our best value comes as an 11-piece set that includes a blender, blades, extra cups, recipe books, and other bonus gadgets.

Thanks to its high-power base, this blender will get the job done in just a few seconds.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 4

NutriBullet doesn’t just blend; its extractor blade breaks down the food into liquid, fully releasing the nutrients. And thanks to the cyclonic action, even the tougher ingredients get extracted efficiently.

The blender comes with a 24-ounces cup that is BPA-free and durable, along with a recipe book.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 5

With 12 different functions and 5 simple operating buttons, this blender does more than just pulse your food into creamy smoothies; it also makes shakes, icy drinks, and yes, crushed ice for your mojitos.

Dishwasher safe and simple to handle, this Hamilton Beach model is super user friendly.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 6

The design may be compact, but this blender packs enough power to fully blend and extract even the toughest ingredients – perfect for your smoothie bowl.

Including 2 16-ounce cups to-go, dishwasher-safe parts, and a bonus recipe guide, this blender is perfect for everyone, especially those with single-serve needs.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 7

With 3 different parts – a bowl for blending, chopping, and processing – and an interchangeable 400-watt pod, this 3-in-1 model will surely take care of your pulsing/prepping kitchen needs.

Wide mouths and non-slip bases make operation even more convenient, and thanks to the included storage lids, all three ars can be easily stored.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 8

48 ounces of capacity, 10 different speeds, and thermal protection system make this professional blender a star in the kitchen.

From creamy smoothies to chunky soups, the blending/pulsing options are pretty endless. The 3-diameter blades are there to ensure consistency, so you can enjoy every single sip.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 9

Blending and chopping at the same time, this versatile blender increases functionality and gives you the option to choose the bite of your drinks.

Featuring 9 tasks with a timer, an LCD display, and one-touch operation, handling this Breville countertop blender couldn’t be simpler.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 10

Four pre-programmed cycles and one-touch operating makes this blender user friendly. Its thick stainless-steel blades with wings blends and extracts into smooth perfection without wasting time prepping your ingredients beforehand.

With 36 ounces of blending capacity and a 90-ounce jug, your smoothie bowl mornings are all set with this Blentec.

Key Features:


Buying Guide & FAQ​

Types of Blenders Compared

Depending on your needs, there are different blenders to choose from:

Immersion Blender – A handhold vertical blender that is immersed into the liquid to pulse. Perfect for pureeing cooked veggies and soups.

Single-Serve Blender – Known as a “bullet” blender, these personal extractors are perfect for those looking to make no more than a couple of smoothies. Easiest to clean and maintain.

Portable Blender – Fairly new on the market, these blenders are light, transportable, and battery-powered, perfect for trips.

Countertop Blender – This blender, as the name suggests, is the one that is most commonly found in kitchens, sitting on the countertop. Perfect for smoothies, smoothie bowls, and with the capacity to easily satisfy a few people at once.

Commercial Blender – Providing professional extraction and real power, these blenders are durable and designed to handle tougher ingredients and withstand frequent pulsing, which makes them perfect for commercial purposes.

What Is a Smoothie Bowl?

A smoothie bowl is any mixture of fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, etc., that is blended into a smooth mixture and poured into a bowl. Breakfast smoothie bowls are usually topped with chopped fruits, seeds, nuts, and granola, and consumed with a spoon instead of drunk through a straw.

If a quick smoothie makes a great snack, a smoothie bowl can pack you up with enough nutrients to last you till lunch.

Think of it this way, if morning cereals and smoothies had a baby, well, this would be it.

Do You Need a Special Blender to Make Smoothie Bowls?

In short, no, you don’t need a special blender for smoothie bowls. But only if the blender is powerful enough to fully extract and blend into a smooth consistency. Smoothie bowls should offer a creamy mouthfeel that can be topped with optional crunchiness.

Most smoothie bowls also include frozen ingredients and grains, so make sure that your blender is powerful enough to “digest” such foods with ease.


The key to making a creamy smoothie bowl lies in the extraction force, and we just made sure that you have some of the most powerful blenders to consider. So, which one of these extractors do you like best?

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