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Top Electric Fillet Knives

An electric fillet knife is a great kitchen utensil that makes filleting fish a breeze. However, the oscillating blade can also help you slice just about any meat your recipe puts on the menu.

While a manual fillet knife is always an option, you will get your meal from freezer to table in less time when you choose one of these best electric fillet knives. Plus, if you are a fisherman that brings home big catches, having an electric option will save your filleting arm from fatigue!

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Rapala offers a heavy-duty electric fillet knife with plenty of power. It also offers incredible control allowing you to easily fillet larger fish. You will be cutting through rib bones and backbones with ease.

The non-slip grip and the deep finger-guard help protect the hands from injury. Plus, the 8-foot power cord gives you room to maneuver.

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Bubba’s ergonomic design keeps you comfortable while the non-slip handle helps prevent injury. The long-lasting lithium-ion battery will hold up to your filleting no matter how big of a catch you bring home.

Plus, the four different blade sizes give you the options you need, and the trigger guard adds an extra level of safety for peace of mind.

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Product Ranking - 3

Mister Twister is a tough little knife enjoyed by those who fish and those who grill! the contoured handle combined with the knife’s light weight keeps you from getting fatigued.

Plus, the three different blade sizes give you the options that you need for filleting anything your take of the line.

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Bubba’s 110V knife gives you the blade options you need in four different sizes. Made from high-carbon stainless steel, you will be able to maintain a rust and corrosion-free tool.

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With two blade options and a quiet, long-lasting motor, Rapala’s deluxe electric fillet knife is a solid all-around choice.

Plus, the 18-foot power cord allows you the freedom to move about your space as needed.

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Product Ranking - 6

Many fishermen enjoy Hamilton Beach’s electric knife because of the comfortable, ergonomically-designed handle. Plus, this option also includes a free carving fork making it suitable for slicing a Thanksgiving turkey as well as it can fillet a fish.

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Product Ranking - 7

American Angler offers a solid knife option with the PRO electric. It comes with five blade choices, but the blades are also universally compatible with any other American Angler knife.

The company also offers a limited warranty.

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Product Ranking - 8

Berkley’s electric fillet fishing knife comes with corrosion-resistant blades. Plus, the comfortable handle is a big win for those that find themselves filleting a large catch.

If you like to clean your fish on the go, the included 12-volt vehicle plug will be a nice bonus item.

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Product Ranking - 9

Another excellent Rapala option, this corded option features stainless steel blades and includes a fillet fork.

The 7-foot power cord offers room to maneuver in the kitchen, although it isn’t the longest option when it comes to corded models.

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Product Ranking - 10

Those looking for a super stylish option may enjoy the black blade from American Angler. This electric fillet knife is known for its precise cutting as well as its easy-grip handle.

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Buying Guide & FAQ

Do you have electric fillet knife questions? This section will give you all the information you need to make a well-reasoned choice when it is time to start shopping.

Are Electric Knives Better?

There is certainly nothing wrong with a run-of-the-mill manual knife, but a high-quality electric knife is great at cleanly cutting your meat. Most people’s kitchen knives are very dull, and dull knives won’t produce clean cuts.

One key thing to keep in mind when purchasing an electric kitchen knife is cleaning and storing it. Unlike your manual knives, you cannot submerge your electric knife in your dishwasher.

As the Chicago Tribune explains, knife safety is extremely important, and an electric knife is no exception. It should always be stored in its case where it can’t inadvertently give you a nasty cut.

Whether or not an electric knife is better than a manual one is definitely a personal choice, but they have been a popular choice since the 1960s!

How Does An Electric Knife Work?

An electric knife cuts due to the continuous movement of the serrated blade. It creates a sawing action that will slice through meats, fish, and sometimes even bone with ease.

There are multiple types of electric knives (such as the fillet knives above). The size and shape of the blade make it more suitable for cutting various food items.

Can You Sharpen An Electric Knife?

Oftentimes, companies that make electric knives will claim their products do not need to be sharpened. However, just like any other knife, the blade of your electric knife will dull over time.

It is good to remember that not all knife sharpeners will work with the serrated blades of your electric knife. According to Popular Mechanics, you will need a sharpener with a ceramic rod that is meant for the serrated grooves of your blade.

There is a “high injury potential” with an electric knife, so it is important to use care when sharpening.

How to Choose Your Electric Fillet Knife?

There are countless electric fillet knives on the market, but not all of them are created equal. It is important to look at the design, size, and quality of the materials used to make the knife before making your purchase.

One thing to consider is whether you will need a cordless or corded knife. If you plan on using your knife while out on the lake fishing, a cordless option may be the only way to go. However, if you will most likely be cleaning your fish at home, then a corded knife may suffice.

The blade is the next thing to consider. You want a fillet knife that has a thin, sharp blade that will also be durable and last more than just a few cuts.

The handle is also important. If you have 20 fish to fillet, you will want something ergonomic and comfortable for your hand!

Finally, don’t forget about storage. Having a case or sheath to safely store your electric fillet knife blade will help prevent accidents and injuries.

You should never simply leave your electric fillet knife in a drawer with the blade exposed. This could lead to a serious injury requiring medical attention.

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