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Top Juicer for Carrots

Pop your carrots into any juicer, and it will definitely turn your orange veggie into yummy juice. But what you may not know is that some juicers actually do this job more efficiently. How powerful your juicer is is not only important in terms of speed and convenience; it also determines how much of the nutrient content will end up in your glass as well. Here are our best choices for juicing hard fruits and veggies for a real immunity boost!

Product Ranking - 1

With 850 watts of dual speed motor, super-wide feeder chute, large pulp-collecting container, and a mighty cutting disc, our best choice on the list is powerful, sturdy, and, yes, perfect for your carrots.

By extracting 30 percent more juice from whole veggies and fruits, you will squeeze out up to 40 percent more nutrients with this Breville model.

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Product Ranking - 2

When it comes to juicing carrots, we’re definitely rooting for Breville. And this premium pick is even more powerful than the previous model.

With 2-speed control, wide chute, titanium cutting disc, and a high-performance 100-watt motor, this juicer will turn your still-in-the-shopping-bag carrots into juice in a matter of seconds.

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Product Ranking - 3

For a decent carrot extractor that will not crush your piggy bank, we highly recommend this Hamilton Beach juicer. Our best value provides continuous juicing with less prepping with a wide feed mouth, 800 watts of power, and dishwasher-safe parts.

The juice cup is not included, but hey, fewer parts for cleaning, right?

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Product Ranking - 4

The motor may run at 700 watts, but the 14,000 RPM of extraction surely makes up for it!

With a centered 3-inch feed chute, high-quality cutting disk, 1.6 quart of pulp bin, and parts that can be cleaned in the dishwasher, this is yet another Breville model that we warmly suggest for your beloved carrot juice.

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Product Ranking - 5

The powerful 800-motor of this pro juicer provides nutritious juice in just seconds!

The large chute requires less prepping time, and the removable, dishwasher-safe parts allow you to enjoy your carrot juice without worrying about the clean-up.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 6

With 1000 watts and 5 different extracting speeds, you can rest assured that this die-cast juicer will fill your glass with smooth juice in an instant.

And thanks to the foam-reducing basket, anti-drip spout, and dishwasher-safe parts, juicing will never be overwhelming with the Cuisinart Extractor.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 7

Extract as many nutrients as you possibly can with this 1000-watt juicer with 2 speeds, a micro-mesh filter, and a feed chute wide enough to handle whole and unpeeled fruits and veggies.

All removable parts are dishwasher safe, which makes this centrifugal extractor even more attractive!

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 8

If you want even less clean-up, then a slow-masticating juicer is just the thing you need. No mesh filters, no tons of removable parts. Just press the fruits/veggies, and the pulp will come out of one hole, while the extracted juice will fill your glass.

Besides, this Omega juicer can also make nut butter, churn soy milk, mince herbs, grind coffee, and whip up frozen delights as well.

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Product Ranking - 9

At first glance, identical to the previous model, but this slow-masticating juicer features more adjustable settings.

With less power (150 watts) but dual juicing and auto-ejecting pulp, this extractor will squeeze out liquid nutrients in the quietest and mess-free way possible.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 10

A vertical juicer with compact design, no-drip spout, and dual-edge auger, for slow juicing with high performance and ultimate convenience.

This omega model breaks down fruit and veggie fiber into a smooth liquid, extracting more juice and, with that, more nutrients.

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Buying Guide & FAQ

Types of Juices Compared

There are four types of juicers that you should know of:

Centrifugal Juicer – The most popular and widely used type of juicer. It takes the fruits and veggies from a fed tube, leads them to a blade, and shreds them powerfully into a smooth juice while separating the pulp.

Masticating Juicer – This slow-extracting juicer uses force to crush the fruits and veggies, pushing them through a sharp screen. The end result is foamy and chunky juice.

Twin Gear Juicer – Practically “chewing” fruits and veggies up, this juicer pushes the food through a screen that does not separate the pulp entirely, so the liquid ends up containing solids.

Juice Press – Probably the best type of juicer, but definitely not for any pocket. A juice press separates the juice from the pulp first and then further presses the pulp to extract even more liquid.

Is Juicing Cheaper Than Buying Juice?

Definitely! You can stock up on fruits and veggies, buy in bulk, or even if you are buying produce exclusively for your juicer, you will still spend less with a juicer. Buying fresh juice certainly breaks the bank more.

Is Fresh Juice Better Than Bottled?

Juicing at home comes with a lot of benefits. Freshly squeezed juice means extracting the minerals, vitamins, and all of the essential compounds immediately. Bottled juices contain fewer nutrients, and not to mention that they are sometimes loaded with preservatives to make them last longer.


Now that you know which juicers are perfect for injecting some beta carotene into your system, the next step is to pick your favorite and start extracting the liquid goodness from your produce. Which extractor matches your juicing needs?

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