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Top Kitchen Radios

Whether you like to listen to music or audiobooks, you need a high-quality kitchen radio when you are busy washing those pots and pans in the kitchen. Good news is there is no shortage of options when it comes to kitchen radios — but which one is the best?

We are here to take all the worry out of choosing your radio so you can get back to cooking!

Product Ranking - 1

Sylvania’s easy-to-mount kitchen radio plays your favorite radio stations, offers bluetooth connectivity, and even plays any of the CDs you may still have floating around your home. It is easy to connect your smartphone or iPad which gives you all the streaming that you could want. Plus, the LED screen is bright and clear so you can keep track of exactly how long that casserole has been in the oven.

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Product Ranking - 2

Keep your counter space with the Sony CD clock radio. The slim shape fits snugly under your kitchen counter, and the sleek silver design goes great with just about any kitchen decor. You will also get top-notch sound quality with the deep bass emanating from the built-in speakers. For convenience-sake, you will get 15 presets and a magnetic remote that can stick right on your fridge.

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Product Ranking - 3

With the bluetooth wireless connectivity and the digital FM radio, the iLive under cabinet radio is a music-lovers dream. You can set one of the 20 presets and get to cooking! Oh, and the iLive Wireless also has a handy-dandy worklight so you can better keep track of what you are chopping.

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Product Ranking - 4

Stream your favorite service, listen to your favorite FM station, or play your favorite CD with the iLive Bluetooth Under the Cabinet Radio. This kitchen radio can also take the place of a few other gadgets to give you even more counter space because it also has a kitchen timer and LCD display.

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Product Ranking - 5

You’ll get more than just a kitchen radio with the Jensen Under Cabinet Music System as it is also a hands-free speakerphone. You can multitask with the best of them cooking, cleaning, and making important calls. The FM radio and bluetooth capability also make it great for listening to your favorite podcasts and music genres.

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Product Ranking - 6

The hi-fi speakers on this easy-to-install kitchen radio will allow you to stream all your favorite songs from your Bluetooth V 3.0 device. You can also get FM stations on the radio dial. The controls are very intuitive which makes it easy to operate even while you are busy whipping up a batch of cupcakes.

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Product Ranking - 7

With the RCA Under Cabinet kitchen radio you can enjoy your favorite audiobooks and podcasts from your bluetooth device, or you can listen to music on the FM radio that is equipped for 20 station presets. The wireless speaker gives great sound, and the large LED display makes it easy to use.

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Product Ranking - 8

The bluetooth, CD player, and radio of the iLive give you the flexibility of choice. Plus, the sleek black and silver design fits in with many decor styles. You can use the 20 radio presets to get all of your favorite stations with just a touch of a button.

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Product Ranking - 9

Keep up with your gossip talk shows or your sports’ news with the Tyler Bluetooth Universal Music System. The wireless connection has a 30-foot range allowing you to move around freely in even the largest of kitchens.

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Product Ranking - 10

People love the easy-to-clean display of the Auna KR-140! The hands-free function and the high sound quality of the 10 watts of musical power also lands this kitchen radio on the “best of” list.

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What to Look For in a Kitchen Radio

There are a few factors to consider when you are purchasing a kitchen radio. You want to ensure that you get a product that allows you to listen the way you desire, and you also want to ensure that it fits in with your current decor themes.

Plus, you need to be able to use the radio in an efficient manner.

What Can I Stream Through My Kitchen Radio?

Ensuring that your radio choice allows you to listen the way you desire is extremely important.

Some people may just want to turn on one of the local radio stations while they prepare the evening meal. For this type of listener, a kitchen radio that has a good quality internal antenna and station preset capabilities may be the best choice.

There are others that may have an extensive CD collection, and they want to be able to listen to all their favorites while they work in the kitchen. Streamers, however, will want to be sure that they can listen to all of their favorite services which is why the Bluetooth compatibility becomes so important.

A kitchen radio that is able to link to your smartphone or tablet will allow you the flexibility to listen to all of your favorite streaming services. Whether you want to stream your favorite Spotify playlist, songs in your Apple music account, or take advantage of Amazon’s Music Unlimited feature, a Bluetooth connection is an absolute mandatory function.

You can access millions of songs, podcasts, and talk shows via the various apps that can be downloaded onto your smartphone, tablet, and other device. Any of these apps can be streamed through your kitchen radio if you purchase one with bluetooth connectivity that is compatible with your device. You may even be able to add a Sirius radio connection similar to what you may have streaming in your car!

There are so many streaming services available to choose from! Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Spotify: An extremely popular option because of its giant song library, the thousands of podcasts, and the ability to listen in groups. People also love that there are collaborative playlists, and it has a free option!

  • Apple Music: This service is great for iOS users because of its compatibility. Plus, it has live radio options which many people desire. While there isn’t really a free option, they do offer a 3-month trial.

  • Tidal: Audiophiles tend to love Tidal because of the superior quality sound and the lossless playback. This service also has some exclusive content not available anywhere else.

  • Amazon Music Unlimited: For those that want to integrate Alexa, Amazon Music Unlimited is the way to go. Plus, Prime members can receive discounts.

  • YouTube Music: Those needing Google integration will enjoy YouTube music which also has a free version similar to Spotify. You will also find interesting playlist options.

Those wishing to listen to podcasts may want to check out these popular options:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Google Podcasts
  • Stitcher
  • TuneIn

What Are The Different Types Of Radios?

There are three basic types of radios that you may encounter in your search for a top-notch kitchen radio. These types include digital radio, analogue radio, and internet radio.

A digital radio, as the name would suggest, picks up a digital signal which is often more reliable than the traditional analogue radio signal.

An analogue radio uses radio waves, and it is the default kind of radio that has been around for decades. Stations on your AM and FM dial are generally analogue radio signals.

As you may have guessed, internet radio is accessed via the internet! For this type of radio to work, it will need a WIFI connection. It is a type of radio that came to popularity in recent decades with the widespread access to internet connections.

What Is The Difference Between DAB And FM Radio?

DAB radio is another name for digital radio, it is an acronym that stands for digital audio broadcasting. It is different from analogue radio which is where traditional FM radio comes from.

FM radio signals are sent from the radio station via radio waves which are picked up by your analogue radio and thus the music comes out of your speakers. AM radio stations also work this way.

Digital radio is data that is transmitted digitally in binary code (all those ones and zeroes!) The code sent by the station is picked by your radio’s receiver which decodes the data to give you music (or whatever else you happen to be listening to.)

Digital radio tends to be more reliable than analogue radio waves as those are subject to distortion and interference the further they travel. Plus, digital circuits are generally cheaper and easier to manufacture than analogue circuits.

In the U.S., stations may use “in-band on-channel technology” which allows them to broadcast a digital signal on the same frequency that their traditional AM/FM signal was broadcast. This means if the station was 106.9 on the analogue radio, it would still be 106.9 on a digital radio.

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