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Top Left-handed Sushi Knife

Sushi chefs know that the sushi knife they use makes the difference between a beautiful plate that enhances its incredible ingredients and, well, not.

And when you’re left handed, it’s even more important to find kitchen tools that complement your skills, not hold you back. This is especially true with sushi knives which, if you hadn’t heard, only have single-edge blades! Cringe!

But no worries, lefties, we have you covered. Without further ado, here is our complete review and buying guide on the best left-handed sushi knives in 2021.

Product Ranking - 1

The 10” Left-Handed Yanagi Sashimi Knife by Mercer Culinary offers chefs razor-sharp cutting precision and a D-shaped wooden handle to inspire confidence.

This is the sushi knife you want by your side when you’re making slicing masterful sashimi pieces and sushi rolls.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 2

The Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon is a kasumi knife, a type of specialty knife produced in Seki, Japan from high-quality materials and ancient techniques.

This is not a knife to mess around with. Choose it if you want an authentic sushi knife that you intend to care for as it deserves to be.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 3

This sushi knife is made in Japan of a classic steel and wood combination, which makes slicing superb sushi rolls a breeze.

It’s a classic paring knife that’s easy to care for and is dishwasher friendly.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 4

Master crafted with top-notch Japanese steel, this sushi knife can handle cutting sushi rolls and filleting fish with equal precision.

It boasts an ergonomically designed handle made with santoprene and polypropylene for comfort and durability.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 5

This Masamoto sashimi knife is made in Japan of high grade steel and is ideal for slicing both razor-thin or plump sashimi pieces.

They craft its unique handle from wood and it has a black water buffalo-horn collar.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 6

The distinct Yoshihiro Aonamiuchi is master crafted in Japan and features a blunt tip for slicing octopus tentacles.

But here’s the deal: it requires proper care. It’s superb at slicing fish, meats, and veg, but keep it away from frozen foods, bones, and nutshells.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 7

Chefs craft sushi and sashimi with more than just raw fish and rice. They even include vegetables sometimes!

Enter the Kotobuki Seki, which slices and dices vegetables that perfectly match the exquisite fish in rolls, plates, and bowls.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 8

The Mizu Yaki Blue is another exquisitely crafted sushi knife by Yoshihiro. It’s wide, straight, double-edged blade design means it’s adroit at slicing fish and meats and veggies.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 9

Comfortable to wield and ultra-precise in its cuts thanks to its tapered blade, Genesis by Mercer Culinary is a classic santoku knife worth considering.

It’s stain resistant and crafted in Germany.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 10

Global’s Yanagi Sashimi Knife maintains a sharp blade longer than some, while providing an easy-grip handle for a natural feel.

This sleek and ultra-sharp knife treats slicing and dicing raw fish like its butter.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 11

The Yanagiba is a unique sushi knife that has a blade with 71 layers of steel. It’s thick, it’s sharp, it’s designed to take on all your sushi tasks with precision.

It also has a traditional wooden handle and comes with a saya protective sheath.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 12

Tojiro’s Sujihiki Slicer is a multi-use kitchen tool that can slice raw fish, fresh meats, and crisp vegetables with ease.

Its even edge design makes this knife suitable for lefties and righties alike.

Key Features:


Product Ranking - 13

Yoshihiro’s high-end Suminagashi sushi knife is a super choice for professional chefs. It’s specifically recommended for the pros, since it requires lots of TLC.

It includes a lacquered coated saya and has a single-edged blade.

Key Features:


Buying Guide and FAQ

So now you know our top sushi knife picks of 2021 and what makes them so special.

Our research did not stop there, though!

That’s right: stay tuned for our buying guide and FAQs!

How to Choose the Best Sushi Knife

To find the best left-handed sushi knife, first consider your cooking environment and what you’re mainly using the knife for.

Is it just for preparing fish and cutting sushi rolls? Do you want more of an all-purpose knife that can pare fruits and veggies, too? Do you work in a sushi restaurant? Or are you more of an at-home sushi master?

While many of the sushi knives we mentioned are best for slicing raw fish for sushi and sashimi, there are a handful that can also make a neat job of dicing other proteins and fruit and veg.

Also, price point may be a factor. If you just love making sushi at home but are not preparing sushi for throngs of diners at a restaurant, you may not be too keen on spending hundreds of dollars. So be sure to consider your budget when shopping.

The more expensive the knife, the more time and care it needs, too. You can’t just pop a Yoshihiro in the dishwasher and call it a day! It necessitates the use of whetstones, careful hand washing and drying, oiling, and storing in its sheath.

Also, keep in mind that as a left, you must find a sushi knife that:

  • Is specifically designed for left-handed users


  • Is double-edged, which is just a cool way of saying they sharpen the blade on both sides and therefore is ambidextrous.

Why are Sushi Knives More Expensive?

Like with many specialty products, sushi knives will often be more expensive than traditional kitchen knives. There are several reasons why this is so.

They’re often crafted by artisans who use centuries-old processes and the highest quality materials and with exquisite detail. They become an investment, like buying a piece of fine art.

If you’re willing to pay a lot for your left-handed sushi knife, be sure it has some impressive stats like these!

Types of Japanese Sushi and Sashimi Knives

Yanagi / Yanaiba

These knives are ideal choices as sushi and sashimi knives. They boast long, slender blades that ensure precise cuts.

Yanagi knives are great for both home and professional use. If you choose one sushi knife, we think this type is best for most situations.


Home chefs may not see the point in choosing fuguhiki sushi knives, but skilled pros likely will.

They are similar to yanagi knives but are even thinner. This makes them superb for delicately slicing thin fish for sushi, sashimi, and nigiri.


These sushi knives bear a resemblance to cleavers. They have a large curved blade and a bulky feel.

They’re more popular with professional chefs that home sushi aficionados due to their price, design, and lack of availability in the U.S.

Usuba / Mukimono / Nakiri

These knives are the ones you want when you want to prepare perfect veggies.

Usuba cuts thin slices with ease and can even take some of the work out of peeling.

Mukimono knives are known for being able to turn ordinary veg into beautiful decorative pieces for plate garnish.

Nakiri is more home-chef friendly, allowing you to easily slice and dice vegetables but without the flourish necessary in professional settings.


Like a handy hybrid between yanagi and fuguhiki knives, kiritsuke are great at cutting vegetables and meats.

It’s not what we’d recommend as a replacement for a sushi knife, but it can be a superb companion piece.


Similar to Sushikiri, deba knives are bulky, meat cleaver types of sushi knives.

They are popular in professional sushi restaurants in the west, more so than the far east. Debas are best for slicing meat and fish, more so than veggies.


Santoku knives are less traditional than many Japanese-style knives on our list and geared more towards western chefs.

It has a heavy build and double-bevel edged blade, so it may be more at home in your home, rather than a pro kitchen.

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