Best Salmon Fillet Knives (Review & Buying Guide)

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Top Salmon Fillet Knives

Kitchen knives all serve unique purposes. Some need to be dense and durable, while others need to be thin and flexible. What you’re cooking will often determine what type of knife you’ll need to use. When it comes to savory fish like salmon, you’ll want to look for the best fillet knife to make cutting convenient and precise.

All knives might look similar, but each one has different features and qualities that make them special. When cutting delicate meat like salmon, be gentle and focused for the best results. The following ten products will all help you create the perfect salmon dish.

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The Rada Cutlery Fillet Knife has a 7 ⅛-inch stainless steel blade. With the black, easy-to-grip rubber handle, the knife has a full length of 12 ¼ inches. It’s lightweight and flexible, allowing it to slice through delicate salmon meat.

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This premium fillet knife has a 6-inch, high-carbon stainless steel blade that curves toward the tip. The narrow curve of the knife allows it to easily work around the bone of the fish. This knife is extra sharp with an 8-degree to 12-degree angle per side.

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Product Ranking - 3

The Mercer Culinary Millennia Narrow Knife is an 8.5-inch fillet knife with a slip-resistant black handle. The handle has textured finger points to prevent your hand from slipping. The blade is made of high-carbon steel, and it has a plain blade edge.

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Product Ranking - 4

The Kershaw Clearwater Fixed 420J2 Fillet Knife has a thin stainless steel blade that’s 9 inches long. The blade slightly curves upright and can bend around the bones of salmon. It has a black and green handle that’s made with a soft-textured rubber grip.

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Product Ranking - 5

This Cutco product is a high-carbon stainless steel blade with a black thermo-resin handle. The blade is 9 ⅞ inches long with a rounded tip. With the handle, the knife is 15 ⅜ inches long.

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Product Ranking - 6

The Wüsthof Gourmet Narrow Fillet Knife is an 11-inch stainless steel blade with a rounded tip. This blade is designed to remove the skin from delicate fish like salmon. It’s also razor-sharp to make precise cuts with black polypropylene handles that resist fading and discoloration.

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Product Ranking - 7

The Rockland Guard Narrow Fillet Knife has an 8-inch stainless steel blade. It’s razor-sharp to cut through large fish like salmon. The red handle is textured with a non-slip grip for control. It comes with a synthetic sheath cover for added safety.

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Product Ranking - 8

The Bubba Flex Fillet Knife has a red handle with a no-slip grip. The thin blade is 9 inches long and made of high-carbon stainless steel. It’s sharp and rust-resistant, allowing it to effortlessly cut through scales and around bones.

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Product Ranking - 9

This product is a folding fillet knife with a 5-inch stainless steel blade. It’s slim and lightweight, making it great for outdoor adventures. It even has a nylon sheath for easy transport. The green and black handle is made with non-slip rubber.

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Product Ranking - 10

The Rapala Presentation Fillet Knife has a 6 ¼-inch blade that’s made of stainless steel. It also has a brown laminated handle with a protective coating. It comes with a genuine leather sheath with secure snap closure.

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Buying Guide & FAQ

Fillet knives are typically used to separate the meat from the bone when cooking. Thus, you can’t use just any old knife for cutting salmon. So, here are some things to consider.

How to Choose the Best Fillet Knife for Salmon

If you have a kitchen full of knives, you might be wondering why the best fillet knife for salmon is worth your while. Most regular knives are stiffer, thicker, and blunter than a fillet knife. They won’t be able to slice delicate fish meat the same way.

To choose the best fillet knife for salmon, take a look at the blade size, blade material, handle, and flexibility. The knife should be long enough to cut the salmon quickly and easily. Sharp high-carbon stainless steel is also the best material to consider.

The handle might not seem quite as important as the blade, but a handle with a good grip can make cutting much smoother. Plastic and rubber handles are preferred because they’re more comfortable and easy to clean.

Finally, fillet knives should be flexible to make cutting at angles easier. The thinner the blade is, the more flexible it will be.

By keeping these aspects in mind, you’re on your way to finding the perfect salmon fillet knife. But are all fillet knives ideal for this?

Do You Need a Special Knife for Salmon?

Do fillet knives differ depending on the meat you’re using? You might be surprised to find out that a salmon fillet knife has different qualities than a knife used for other meats and even other fish.

Salmon is a tasty, yet delicate meat. Thus, most knives could create a mess or make cutting harder. But since salmon fillet knives are thin, sharp, and flexible, they can glide through salmon flesh with one smooth cut. No ripping or tearing involved!

You will also need a bigger blade to cut a salmon fillet. Thus, your thin knife will need to be long enough to make a clean cut across the entire fish.

While you could use any knife for cutting salmon, you wouldn’t get the ideal results. So, you might be wondering: how many types of fillet knives are there?

Types of Fillet Knives Compared

Fillet knives can come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and qualities. Yet, there are two main types of fillet knives: German/Scandanavian style and Japanese style.

German style knives are generally thicker, heavier, and more durable. They also have a larger slanted angle, sometimes with ridges to prevent food from sticking to the blade.

On the other hand, Japanese style fillet knives have a thinner blade that’s lightweight. The angle of Japanese knives is less slanted, which means you can make more precise cuts.

So, Japanese fillet knives are often the best for cutting large, delicate meat like salmon. Of course, you’ll also need to choose the perfect size for the best results. So, what’s the secret?

What is the Best Size for a Salmon Fillet Knife?

Fillet knives are often sold in sizes between 6 inches and 12 inches. 8 inches seems to be the most popular choice for those looking to cut lots of different fish. After all, 8 is an average size, making it versatile.

However, if you only plan to cut salmon with this knife, bigger is better. Salmon is a larger fish, so ideally, you should find a knife with a longer blade, closer to 10 to 12 inches long.

While all fillet knives can cut salmon, they won’t all make it easy and efficient. For this reason, it’s crucial to take your time when picking the best salmon fillet knife. Consider the size, material, and flexibility to help you choose the ideal option.

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