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Top Wooden Sushi Rice Bowl

Who says that enjoying sushi at home can only come from takeout? With the right equipment, you can whip up this Japanese staple the authentic way. Besides a decent sushi mat, the key to making traditional sushi lies in nailing the rice consistency. To help you with that, we’ve compiled a list of the best wooden sushi bowls that can help you mix your rice without worrying about the texture. Read on!

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Our best choice is a 15-piece set that includes a high-quality 10.5-inch rice mixing bowl – Hangiri that is 3 inches tall. All pieces are made of bamboo (except the knife) and are designed to last.

Simple to use and even easier to clean – a gentle hand wash after each use and enjoy unlimited sushi for many years to come.

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An extra-large hangiri for the real sushi enthusiast! Our premium pick measures 17 inches in diameter, and it is a traditional tub for sushi rice.

The Hangiri is handmade by Japanese artisans from quality Japanese cypress wood that can absorb the rice’s extra liquid. The wood is bound by bands of copper, which gives the bowl an elegant look.

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A traditional 10.6-inch sushi bowl, specially designed to absorb moisture and prepare restaurant-grade rice. Our best value is made with imported white wood and features a smooth wall basin that is thick and resistant to fall.

If hand-washed and dried thoroughly, it could serve you for many years to come.

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This 12-inch sushi tub is 3 inches tall and can hold a big batch of sushi rice, perfect for the entertainers among us. It quickly absorbs moisture and speeds up the cooling process, which makes prepping a breeze.

This Hangiri comes with 18 extra pieces, so your sushi-making journey is pretty much covered. Plus, the all-bamboo body makes it eco-friendly, perfect for those environmentally-aware sushi lovers.

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BambooMN brings us a sushi rice bowl that is simple, authentic, and holds enough rice for a fun sushi night at home. The wooden tub is made of traditional pinewood and is approximately 3 inches tall.

This high-quality Hangiri comes in 5 different sizes to choose from – 10.6, 11.8, 13, 14.2, and 15.3 inches, depending on the amount of rice you’re planning to mix. For just a few people, though, we highly recommend the 10.6-inch tub, as we’re absolutely in love with it.

The tub absorbs liquid well, making it perfect for mixing with sauces and seasoning within the tub.

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This 15.3-inch sushi rice mixing tub is 4 inches tall and measures 3.25 inches of interior depth. That holds enough rice for serving sushi to a group of people without worrying about it vanishing from the platter.

This pinewood hangiri comes with a lid for preserving freshness, and it is a part of a 19-piece set for a complete sushi-making experience.

The eco-friendly wood is durable and able to absorb moisture well.

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Buying Guide and FAQ

What Is Hangiri?

A Hangiri is a wooden bowl used for rice-making that is an essential part of Japanese cuisine. It is used for preparing cooked rice for sushi, which essentially means seasoning and mixing.

This traditional wooden tub is usually made of cypress wood, cedar, or even pinewood.

Why Japanese Chefs Use Wooden Hangiri Sushi Rice Bowls?

The Hangiri has a wide and flat bottom where hot cooked rice is seasoned, mixed, then spread out and left to cool and dry a bit.

Its shape and material aid in cooling and absorbing moisture, which is essential if you don’t want to end up with mushy rice.

Why Is a Wooden Bowl Best?

Japanese chefs rely on the structure and material of Hangiri for three different reasons:

Moisture Absorption – Hangiri is made from highly-absorbing materials that can take out the rice’s excess liquid, leaving the ideal hydration level.

Gentle Scent – Thanks to the natural, gentle scent that wood has, the bowl will not affect the final aroma of the sushi.

Antibacterial Properties – Authentic Hangiri bowl is made from types of wood with antibacterial properties, which makes the sushi-making process as hygienic as possible.

How to Care for Your Hangiri Bowl?

Use your Hangiri bowl with care, and it will serve you for a long time.

Before Use – Fill the tub with water 30 minutes before use. Drain the liquid and dab with a clean cloth before adding the rice to it.

After Each Use – Rinse with warm water, dry with a towel, then let it sit and air dry thoroughly. Do not dry in the sun, though, as the heat may cause cracks in the wood.

Other Uses for Your Hangiri Bowl

We recommend that you don’t use your sushi rice bowl for other purposes. However, you can definitely chill noodles, rice (even if it’s not for sushi), or make a scattered sushi bowl inside.


Now that you know what you should use to make the ultimate sushi rice, you will never serve your beloved Japanese dish mushy again. With a proper Hangiri tub, everyone can be a sushi chef at home! Now, get your chopsticks ready, and put this wooden rice bowl to the test!

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